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The first Cherokee "Pins" were members of the original Keetoowah Society, an organization that emerged immediately before the Civil War in defense of the Cherokee Nation and the government of Principal Chief John Ross. Many were members of the Indian Home Guard, a regiment of the Union Army, and fought aggressively in defense of their tribal people, communities, and government. After the war, the Pins became community and governmental leaders and remained strong voices in national conversations about the direction of the Cherokee Nation in the late 1800s.

The Pins image resonates deeply with many Cherokee people as a symbol of Patriotism, Identity, Nationality, and Sovereignty. The founders of the Cherokee PINS Project are direct descendants of those original Cherokee Pins, as are many, many Cherokee people. We find that the drive to engage in the work that contributes to and supports Cherokee people and communities remains strong in our contemporary people.


The Cherokee PINS Project opens opportunities for the majority of the Cherokee people who reside outside the tribal boundary to develop relationships and mutually supportive networks with those members of the great Cherokee family who remain "at home" within the tribal jurisdiction. But this doesn't happen without support from many places.


Become a part of the PINS Project! Register for the courses, participate in the networks of grassroots community development that are emerging. And help provide financial support so that others may participate as well.


 The spirit of "ga-du-gi" -- all coming together to work -- is an honored value and tradition within the Cherokee Nation. It's hard for At Large people to participate in those networks, but the Cherokee PINS Project works to make it easier. Your support for the project is critical to their continuance, including online courses, community workshops, Cherokee "Abroad" programs, grassroots community development projects, and the acclaimed Cherokee Nation History Course. Your dedication to the PINS Project helps all of us to meet our commitment to providing opportunities for civic education and community engagement to both in-boundary and At Large Cherokee citizens.


Please become a part of the Cherokee PINS Project!



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