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Webinars are available to anyone, anywhere. Check back often for more information!

Cherokee Voting 101


Introduction To Cherokee Elections & Cherokee Absentee Voting

The 101 of Cherokee voting. Learn how to register to vote, requesting a ballot, restrictions for voting At-Large and how to prevent fraudulent use of your ballot. Learn what the process of the election services office is as well as what the election commission does. Guest speakers Dr. Julia Coates, Jack Baker & Roger Johnson, Moderator Kimberlie Gilliland




Indian Home Loans 

The PINS Project hosted a webinar with Brandon Caruso from the TCCO (Tulsa Cherokee Community Organization)/ Today Lending on May 31st.  



Indian Home Loans: What You Need to Know Before You Buy

Everything you need to know about the 184 HUD Indian Home Loan. Did you know you can qualify for lower rates and grants regardless of where you live in the U.S.

Click to Watch the webinar on the Cherokee PINS Channel



Cherokee PINS Channel

Webinars are recorded and available on the Cherokee PINS Channel

Cherokee Constitution

The PINS Project hosted a webinar series on the Cherokee Constitutional Convention. The Cherokee Nation Constitution establishes a blueprint for our tribal government and allows us to construct a set of laws to effectively govern the second largest Indian tribe in the United States.


Origin and History of the Cherokee Constitution

(January 23, 2018)

Click to Watch webinar on the Cherokee PINS Channel


Cherokee Constitutional Crisis (February 20, 2018)

Special Guest: Paula Ragsdale-former Tribal Council Member, Pat Ragsdale-Former Head of the Cherokee Marshalls. 

Click to Watch webinar on the Cherokee PINS Channel


The Cherokee Constitutional Convention

March 29, 2018

Special Guest:  Jay Hannah

Click to Watch webinar on the Cherokee PINS Channel



Continuing Impact of the 1999 Constitution on the Cherokee Nation​

April 26, 2018

Host Dr. Julia Coates

Click To Watch webinar on Cherokee PINS Channel





Support Document

Eric Lemont's "Overcoming the Politics"

 Introduction to Cherokee Society and Government  

Cherokee Societ and Government

An online course beginning in 2019, this offering brings together Cherokee scholars, traditionalists, activists, government officials, and community members from Oklahoma, North Carolina, and around the country.


Investigate innovative approaches to cultural and historical interpretation, language and worldview, community development, social institutions, and tribal government.

This is where the minds and hearts of Cherokee people come together to contemplate our shared past and explore the possibilities for our shared future!

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